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How Rolled Pine Straw Works

Rolled Pine Straw

You might have some questions about how rolled pine straw works. Our team at Quality Pine Straw Sales has all the answers! 

Here's what rolled pine straw is and what rolled pine straw is used for.

What Is Rolled Pine Straw?

Rolled pine straw is a natural and biodegradable product. Rolled pine straw is harvested as the leaves, or needles, fall from pine trees. We take this harvested pine straw and roll it into bales.

Rolled pine straw is the superior choice when it comes to purchasing pine straw online. Rolled pine straw helps keep the straw intact and causes less material loss during shipping and handling. This means you always get your money's worth when you buy rolled pine straw.

We also offer a few specialty products when it comes to our rolled pine straw. If you're looking to really make your landscaping pop, we offer colored rolled pine straw that can bring your entire landscaping project to a whole new level.

What Is Rolled Pine Straw Used For?

Our rolled pine straw is a natural product that is biodegradable. It can be used in a wide variety of applications.

One of the most common applications for rolled pine straw is landscaping. Our pine straw makes amazing ground cover and can help you shape your next landscaping project. Rolled pine straw helps with retaining a natural look.

Rolled pine straw is also great for flower beds. Our rolled pine straw products are great for projects at any size whether you're looking to make a wholesale purchase or just something small for your front yard.

Rolled pine straw is also an excellent material when it comes to erosion control. Keeping your land and the shape you want it to be in can be a challenge. Rolled pine straw is affordable, effective, and an excellent long-lasting erosion control tool.

There are even more applications for rolled pine straw. If you have any questions about our products, give us a call. 

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